Monthly Archives: February 2010

Highland Tree Farm

In December the State Forester spent a day in our 30 acres of woods by our home, and is developing a Forest Management plan to carry out over the next five years.  The management objectives are to improve the forest for watershed, wildlife and recreation.  Because of the diversity of the forest, and the management objectives, the forester enrolled our woods as a Certified Tree Farm with the American Tree Farm System.  We named our farm “Highland Tree Farm” (we had to name it to get it enrolled).   Here is the sign we have posted to show we are a certified tree farm.

Soon the forester will visit out other woods near Alfred, NY, and will certify it.  We are naming that farm “Deer Run Tree Farm” in honor of all the deer that live there.

Back in the Classroom

After nearly 20 years not being on university faculty, I am back in the classroom.  This time I’m at Alfred University in Alfred, NY teaching “Management and Organizational Behavior” in the College of Business.  I have 36 bright students, and am thoroughly enjoying the chance to be in the classroom.