Kay Brooks, Belmont, NY

Pottery by Kay Brooks

4664 State Rt. 19 South
Belmont, NY 14813
(585) 268 – 5361
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I’ve been a big fan of Kay for years, and own many plates, bowls, platters and mugs she created.  Her forms and glazes are classic.  You can find her work at several local galleries, but I like to call and see when she is next doing an open house or show.

Here are some photos of Kay and her work .

Kay on day 2 of an open house, shelves are not full here because of all the sales day 1. I'm showing this picture so you can see Kay with her work. The other photos were taken later when the shelves were restocked.
"Three Glazes"
Here are classic Kay Brooks pieces in three glazes

So many pieces, how does my wife choose??

Getting in the Christmas spirit!
Toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and cup
A beautiful dinner service Kay made for a customer. The following photos are all of this set.

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