Bond (my maternal grandmother) Family History

My Maternal Grandmother’s Family from England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

My Bond ancestors were from an estate in Cornwall near Plymouth called “Erth Barton”, meaning the farm of the Erth family.  The building is today a country manor Bed and Breakfast with the same name.  In 1610 a study was commissioned to determine if it was the oldest building in Cornwall, and the conclusion was that it indeed was the oldest building.  It came into Bond possession when the only daughter of the Erth (or de Erth) family married Richard Bond.  Their descendants were known as the Bonds of “Earth”.

The first land grant to a Bond in Pennsylvania was to Richard Bond in 1696 and then one to his wife Sarah Robinet Bond in 1702.  Richard is believed to have emigrated to America around 1696.  Family history has Richard returning to England for business and dying there before April of 1702.

Richard and Sarah had a son Samuel Bond born ca 1692. He married Ann Sharpless in Pennsylvania ca 1726 and soon moved to Cecil County, Maryland. Richard and Sarah had one son, Richard Clayton Bond, born Oct 4, 1728 and three daughters.  Samuel left the Church of England to become a Seventh Day Baptist by 1737, and Ann Sharpless left the Quaker Church to become a Seventh Day Baptist with her husband.

Richard Clayton Bond lived most of his life in Maryland, where his 9 children were born.   He was a man of wealth and influence, and represented his county in the state assembly for 21 years.   When he was past 70 he moved to settle on a large farm near present-day Lost Creek, West Virginia, where he died at age 91.

  1. Samuel Bond, oldest son, was born Sept 30, 1754 in Maryland and lived most of his life in Pennsylvania.  All his large family remained in Pennsylvania except Eli moved to Browns Creek, Virginia, and Jonathan, who moved to Milton, Wisconsin.
  2. The second son, Richard Jr., born March 9, 1756 was known as Major Richard Bond, and he lived most of his life at Lost Creek, WV.  He owned and operated a mill 1/4 mile above the present town of Lost Creek.
  3. Susanna Bond, born Aug 24, 1757
  4. Levi Bond, born Aug 20, 1758
  5. Lydia Bond, born Aug 2, 1760
  6. John Bond, born May 20, 1762
  7. Abel Bond, born June 4, 1763
  8. Sarah Bond, bonr May 9, 1765
  9. Mary Ann Bond, born May 15, 1767, died in infancy

Richard Bond Jr, also known as Major Richard Bond, was married the second time to Mary Brumfield, who bore himfour sons.  After Mary died, he married a third time to Mary Lewis.  He died Feb 14, 1820 at the relative young age of 63.  Sons of Major Richard Bond and Mary Brumfield are:

  1. Levi Bond
  2. Abel Bond, married Elizabeth Booth, had six children in Maryland and seven more after moving to West Virginia.  He established mills at Quiet Dell, WV, about 8 miles North of Lost Creek, WV.  He died Jan 23, 1852
  3. Elnathan Bond
  4. Richard Bond III

Levi Bond, the oldest son of Major Richard Bond, was born in Maryland in 1785. He married Susan Eib on May 3, 1807 at her house near Clarksburg.   They settled on a large farm on Broad Run, near Lightburn, where they raised a large family.  In 1876, after 69 years happily married, they died within a few weeks of each other.

  1. Jacob Bond, b Jan 20, 1808, the oldest son of Levi and Susan Eib Bond, married Sophia Grant and became a successful farmer in Lewis County.
  2. Brumfield, (see writeup below)
  3. Tamar, b Dec 5, 1811, married Eli Forsythe on Sep 30, 1833 and lived in Wisconsin for some time but died in Iowa
  4. Richard, b. Feb 16, 1814, was a farmer in Roanoke.  Married Lydia Davis.  Their son Florien Lee Bond was born July 25, 1857 and on April 11, 1886 married Lenora Bond, daughter of his first cousin Booth Bond.
  5. John Eib, b June 7, 1816
  6. Abel, b Aug 22, 1818
  7. Mary, b Aug 22, 1818
  8. Peter, b. Jan 2, 1821, m Dec 11, 1845 to Elizabeth Payton
  9. Susan (Susanna), b Dec 2, 1825, married Deacon Levi Bond of Lost Creek.
  10. Elizabeth “Betsy Ann”, b Jan 25, 1828 married Dr. Croner Musser of Lightburn.
  11. Almeda lived with Mrs. Musser after the death of her parents.

Brumfield Bond, b Dec 15, 1809, the second son of Levi Bond and Susan Eib, m Nov 3, 1832 to Belinda Hoffman.  Reared his two sons  (Booth and Levi) and daughter (Tamar) in Upshur County.

  1. Booth Bond, b. Oct 23, 1833 at Lost Creek, WV, married Rebecca Van Horn
  2. Tamar Bond, b Sept 16, 1835 at Hacker’s Creek, Lewis County, married Abraham Wolfe and lived at Berlin, Lewis County, had no children
  3. Levi Davis Bond, b. July 28, 1830 at Hacker’s Creek, m Victoria Arnold Dec 31, 1963, d 1923  Their son Emery Herbert Bond, b Feb 6, 1868  married Rena Fitz Randolph on May 24, 1893, d Nov 25, 1937.  Their son Sirus Orestes Bond was born Aug 12, 1877, m Venie Hagerty in 1904,  Received PhD at Alfred University in 1924.  Was President of Salem College.

Booth Bond, b. Oct 23, 1833 at Lost Creek, WV, April 5, 1859 married Rebecca Van Horn b. May 15, 1839.  They had a farm on Hacker’s Creek.  Both died Nov 9, 1907 and Rebecca died April 17, 1904.  Their children were:

  1. Lenora May Bond, b. Nov 22, 1861.  Married her father’s cousin F Lee Bond (see below)
  2. Elsie Belinda Bond, born April 18, 1864, died 1961.  Devoted more than 50 years of her life to Salem College as registrar and teacher of History, Latin and English.  She was known as “Miss Elsie”
  3. Thomas Mardsen Bond, born Feb 2, 1866, married Bessie Clark (1871 – 1946).  They had two children, Lotta Mabel (1895 – 1977) and Paul Van Horn Bond (1897 – 1966) who married Evaleen Kennedy.
  4. Samuel Brumfield Bond, b Oct 13, 1868, graduated from Alfred University in 1897.  Married Carrie Truman and they had a son Dwight Truman Bond.  Dwight Truman Bond had a son Carter Bond by his first wife.
  5. Xenia Ethel Bond, b Sept 28, 1870.  Earned her medical degree from University of Illinois College of Medicine.  Dr Bond delivered over 1,000 babies in home deliveries, and experienced zero maternal deaths.  Dr Bond lived with her sister “Miss Elsie” in Salem, and died July 21, 1940 at seventy years of age.
  6. Orville Austin Bond, b Sept 28, 1872, m Aug 20, 1901  to Mabel Lowther, and had one son Booth Forest Bond.
  7. Lora Antha Bond, b Feb 27, 1875 married M S Erlow.  They had a daughter Velma Marcelle who never married
  8. Cora Elizabeth Bond, b Sept 5, 1877, m Aug 20, 1901 to Roy Fitz Randolph.  They had two daughters, Greta and Mary.
  9. Otto Romain Bond, b. Feb 7, 1882, graduated from Cornell University, owned a large apple orchard in Wenatchee, WA, died in Reno, NV Mar 7, 1969.  Married Julia Crowell, had a son Clyde Herbert Bond who had two daughters.

F (Floren) Lee Bond married. Lenora May Bond.  They had children:

  1. Ada Pearl Bond
  2. Orville Booth (OB) Bond, married Lucille Davis
  3. Orson H Bond, married Muriel Bailey
  4. Dr Ian H Bond, married Pearl Hill
  5. Lydia Bond, married Oris Stutler
  6. Susie Bond,married Everet Williams
  7. Ruth Content Bond, married Ashby Fitz Randolph (my maternal grandparents)
  8. Maine Bond, married Gertrude Bosley

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