Ashby Fitz Randolph and Ruth Content Bond Randolph

LIFE MEMORIES of Ashby Fitz Randolph and Ruth Content Bond Randolph (autobiography of my mother’s parents, describing life in rural West Virginia)


Our grandchildren have been after my wife, Ruth Bond Randolph, and me to write down our memories. We finally decided to make our vacation to fish in Florida in the late fall, Oct. 2 to Nov. 22, 1980, so that we could have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our 55th Anniversary with our family and the rest of the winter to remember. It is January 9, 1981; and we have put off writing our memories until we decided we would never get it done unless we got started.
I am 78 years old and will be 79 in less than a month, so don’t expect my memories to be too exact. I will make them as accurate as I can. –Ashby Fitz Randolph

Dedicated to Our Posterity
I will pass on to you a quote to us from a dear friend, Bill Price: “May the evening time of your lives have just enough clouds for a glorious sunset.” Ruth Bond Randolph

Ashby died on June 19, 1993.
Ruth died on October 16, 1998.

They are buried in The Isaac C. Coplin Cemetery in Tenmile District, Harrison County, West Virginia.  It is between Jarvisville and Route 50.

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