Supplement Giving Descendants of Alois Preston Fitz Randolph, written by Ashby Fitz Randolph in November, 1963

My father, the most patient man and the best teacher I ever knew, passed on November 10, 1953. Mother, the most economical and best cook I ever knew, died April 23, 1962. Both passed on at Sister Avis’ in Cleveland, Tennessee. Dad went so quietly at the breakfast table that Mother, Avis, and Archie thought he was reaching for his kerchief to wipe food from his mouth. Mother also went easily with a short heart attack.

Descendants of Alois Preston Fitz Randolph and Jennie Mae Sutton Fitz Randolph as of November, 1963, are listed below.

Three sons and a daughter grew to adulthood—Brady, Ashby, Avis, and Elmo.

Brady married Mary Jurgens, and to them were born Brady Jr., Ruth, Mary Ellen, Alma Jean and Wilma June. Brady Jr. married Evelyn Hill, and they had two sons, David and Criss. They were divorced in 1958, and Brady Jr. later married Marie Izevorski. Ruth married Frank Adkins; their children are James P., Brady R., Lawrence B. and Joseph C. Mary Ellen married Robert Shank, and their children are William B. and Robert Randolph. Alma Jean married Gene Weitzel; they have one son, Philip. Wilma June married Lawrence B. Lyon, and they have two daughters, Kristinia and Marianna.

Ashby married Ruth Bond; their children are Ashby Bond, Xenia Lee, Alois Edmond, Elsie Mae, Edna Ruth, Rex Main, and Cleo Elizabeth (Beth). Ashby Bond married Ruby Oldaker; they have four sons—Gregg, Michael, Stephen, and Jeffrey. Xenia Lee married Edgar Wheeler; to them were born Annita, Robert, Ruth, Richard, Helen, Leon, William and Catherine. Also included in their family is a foster daughter, Noel. Alois married Mary Ann Young; their children are Dianna, Cynthia, Bryan and Douglas. Elsie Mae married Harry Lewis, who died in 1961. Their children are Ellen, Mark, Jane, and Gary. Edna Ruth married Donald Richards; to them were born Daniel, Timothy, Elizabeth DeAnn (Betsy De), and Donetta. Rex married Phyllis McClain; their children are Suzette, Pamela, Drenda, Randall, and Rex Ian. Beth married Joe Boyd; to them were born Rodney, Christina and Joe Allen.

Avis married Archie Swiger, and to them were born Alois, LeMoyne and Kermit. Alois married Mary Sue Jones; their children are Stephen, Gwenda Sue, Stanley Randolph, Gene, and Kenneth. Kermit, married Norma Dean; they have three children—David, Lynn and Tammi.

Elmo married Madeline Alice Watts. Their children are Anne, Daniel, John Preston, Catherine, Deborah, Stephen (who died in 1963), and Matthew. As of November, 1963, their only child who is married is Anne. She married Marvin Edwin Triguba. Ann and Marv are the parents of Teri Sue and Mark FitzRandolph Triguba.

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