Documented Roots – English Fitz Randolph Family 1500 – 1630

These families are documented ancestors of my emigrant ancestor Edward Fitz Randolph who came to Plymouth Colony, based on research conducted in 1972 and 1975.  The researcher indicated a need for further research, but concluded he was “nearly certain” that that #19 Christopher Fitz Randolph was the son of John Fitz Randolph #18.  So, the lineage from 1 to 18 seems supported and from 19 to present seems supported, and the link from 18 to 19 seems to fit based on location, dates, names and recordings of wills.  If it is correct, I am 32 generations removed from the Viking Rolf, First Duke of Normandy.

19.  Christopher Fitz Randolph of Langton Hall in the Parish of Kirkby-in-Ashfield in the County of Nottingham.  He married Jane Langton, daughter of Culthbert Langton of Langton Hall, Kirkby-in-Ashfield and of Middleham in the County of Warwick.  Their marriage was recorded in a contract dated 1514.  Jane was executrix of her husband’s estate, whose will was proved April 2, 1574 when she was listed as a widow.

He was executor of the estate of his Uncle Christopher Fitz Randolph, Vicar of the same Parish of Kirby-in-Ashfield.

Christopher and Jane / Joan have seven recorded children:

1.    Thomas Fitz Randolph of Kirky in Ashfield, will dated May 21, 1600 and proved April 7, 1601

2.    John Fitz Randolph of Birchwood, Parish of Alfreton in the county of Derby.  Held tenements in the Parish of Kirkby-in-Ashfield

3.    Edward Fitz Randolph, mentioned in the will of his mother

4.    Christopher Fitz Randolph, my ancestor, more information below

5.    Isabel Fitz Randolph, mentioned in the will of her mother

6.    Margaret Fitz Randolph, mentioned in the will of her mother

7.    Margery Fitz Randolph, mentioned in the will of her mother

20.  Christopher Fitz Randolph of Hucknall under Haithwaite, Parish of Sutton-in-Ashfield, County of Nottingham.  He was mentioned in the will of his mother.  His will was dated June 20, 1588 and buried in Sutton-in-Ashfield June 28, 1588.  His will names the inheritance of his wife but does not give her name, and it names four sons:

1.    James Fitz Randolph

2.    Anthony Fitz Randolph, married Winifred, buried November 20, 1636 in Sutton-in-Ashfield

3.    Edward Fitz Randolph, my ancestor, more information below

4.    Christopher

21.  Edward Fitz Randolph of Sutton-in-Ashfield and later of Kneesall in the County of Nottingham.  He was mentioned in the will of his father as well as the will of his Uncle Thomas FR.  Edward’s will was dated August 13, 1647 and proved October 27, 1648.  Edward was buried at Kneesall.

Edward married Ales Thompson November 16, 1589 at Sutton-in-Ashfield who died and was buried there December 27, 1604, eleven days after their daughter Catheren was born.  Edward and Ales had five children:

1.          Elizabeth Fitz Randolph, baptized November 6, 1590

2.          Thomas Fitz Randolph, baptized January 2, 1592/93

3.          Richard Fitz Randolph, baptized August 7, 1596

4.          Jane Fitz Randolph, baptized January 1, 1602/03

5.          Catheren Fitz Randolph, baptized December 16, 1604 and buried April 21, 1610

Edward remarried on December 17, 1605 to Frances Howes at Sutton-in-Ashfield.  They had six children:

6.          Edward Fitz Randolph, baptized July 5, 1607 (recorded as Edward Fitz Randall) at Sutton-in-Ashfield.  Emigrated to New England in 1630, and is my emigrant Fitz Randolph ancestor.  He was bequeathed 10 pounds sterling in the will of his father in 1647 “if he cum to demand it

7.          Anthony Fitz Randolph, baptized September 24, 1609

8.          Ales Fitz Randolph, died as an infant

9.          Christopher Fitz Randolph, baptized May 1613

10.      John Fitz Randolph, baptized January 14, 1615/16

11.      Joseph Fitz Randolph, baptized November 18, 1621

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