John LaForge Fitz Randolph

Doctor John LaForge Fitz Randolph was born October 23, 1802 and died January 17, 1889 in Salem. He is buried in the Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery with his father and grandfather.  His first wife was Experience Brown who was born in 1807 and died in 1848.  His second wife was Annette Maxson, daughter of John and Mary (Bee) Maxson.  Annette was born July 14, 1828 and died January 1860.  His third wife was Bathseba Skinner who was born June 3, 1831 and died February 14, 1889, less than a month after John died.

Doctor John was much better educated than most of those of his day. He was a stone mason and helped build the Pike through Salem. He practiced medicine without any special preparation, so was called Doctor John. He was reported to have had a very keen mind, but was very self-willed.

One anecdote about him – he went to a revival meeting in Bristol. A girl who had worked for him for years went down the aisle shouting her best, and he called to her, “Where are you going, Bet?” She replied, “To heaven, I hope.” Just then she reached a young man who had been going with her and threw herself into his arms. Doctor John said, “You have got there now, Bet!”

Salem College was built partly on his old farm.  The SDB Cemetery at Salem was on land given by him, and he carved some of the tombstones there.  He was a lifelong member of the Salem Seventh Day Baptist Church.

Children of John LaForge Fitz Randolph and Experience Brown, all born in Salem, WV:

1.          Lewis Fitz Randolph, born March 12, 1830, died July 6, 1839 of scarlet fever

2.          Delilah Ann Fitz Randolph, born December 11, 1830, first marriage to Sylvester Hughes in 1846

3.          Asa Fitz Randolph, born Feb 15, 1833, first marriage to Marvel Maxson in 1851

4.          Tacy Jane Fitz Randolph, born 1838, married Jeremiah Bee

5.          child who died young

6.          child who died young

Asa was my ancestor.

Children of John LaForge Fitz Randolph and Annette Maxson, all born in Salem, WV:

7.          James Fitz Randolph, born April 10, 1850, first marriage to Emily J. Sutton in 1870

8.          Mary Jane Fitz Randolph, born February 4, 1852, died July 30, 1925

9.          Nancy Cornelia Fitz Randolph, died age 3 months

10.      Rev. Guideon Henry Fitz Randolph, born August 5, 1855 and married Lucy Jane Green in 1884.  He was a Missionary to China about 1890.  Two of his sons were Seventh Day Baptist ministers: John was pastor at Berea, West Virginia around 1950; and Wardner was a missionary in Jamaica, British West Indies around 1950.

11.      Cecelian Annette Fitz Randolph, born October 23, 1859, died October 24, 1950 in Harrisonville, WV and buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Berea, WV

Children of John LaForge Fitz Randolph and Bathseba Skinner, all born in Salem, WV:

12.      Joel Fitz Randolph, born August 16, 1861, first marriage to Ella Davis in 1861.  Chief of Police of Salem, WV for many years.

13.      Thomas Burns Fitz Randolph, born January 26, 1863, married Estelle Garrett in 1890

14.      Stephen Davis Fitz Randolph, born July 29, 1864, married Mary Elendor Hurst in 1889

15.      Ruth Fitz Randolph, born April 6, 1872, married John S. Hurst in 1893

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