Chapter 10 – Robert Lewis of Belvoir

Chapter 10 – Robert Lewis of Belvoir, VA

Colonel ROBERT LEWIS of Belvoir (b. 1704 d. 1765 ) m. Jane Merriwether (b. 1705 d. 1753)

Councilor John’s son Robert (1704 – 1765) was the first Lewis child born at Warner Hall.  Robert was the third son, so he did not inherit Warner Hall, but instead got half the family farm Chemokins on the Pomonkey River in New Kent County. His older brother Charles inherited the other half of Chemokins.  Robert married Jane Meriweather, and helped settle the land around what is today Charlotte, Virginia.  His estate there was known as Belvoir, and he is referred to as Robert of Belvoir.

Robert Lewis (Robert of Belvoir) (b. 1704 d. 1765 ) married Jane Meriwether(b. 1705 d. 1753, daughter of Nicholas Meriwether.  His (HER????) siblings included at least: Nicholas, Mary, Mildred, Isabella, John, Jane, Anne, Howell?

His will is abstracted in Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. II, p. 213 by Lyman Chalkley.  Children of Robert of Belvoir whose will was proved Sept 11, 1766 include:

  1. John
  2. Nicholas
  3. Robert of Granville
  4. Charles
  5. William (father of Meriweather Lewis of the Lewis & Clark Expedition)
  6. Jane Lewis Meriwether
  7. Mary Lewis Cobbs
  8. Mildred Lewis
  9. Sarah Lewis
  10. Ann Lewis who married a John Lewis

Robert of Belvoir – Family Notes

Sources for information on Robert Lewis (Robert of Belvoir), husband of (Mary) Francis Lewis, include:

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One of Robert of Belvoir’s sons was William Lewis who stayed in the Charlotte area. Robert granted him land that became known as Locust Hill in Ivy Depot and it remained in the family to this day.  William was an officer in the Revolutionary War and father of Meriweather Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame.  So, Meriweather Lewis was the grandson of Robert of Belvoir.

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