15a. Henrietta Lewis Kelly

Henrietta Lewis was born September 18, 1854, the first child of Robert Lewis and Sarah Joyner.

She received an elementary school education (all that was available at that time), but like many others of her time did much to further educate herself.  She was known as a bright and personable woman, well-liked and respected in the area.

Henrietta married Dr Isaac Kelly (August 3, 1853 – April 7, 1915), a country doctor, who served the area by horseback and by buggy.  She devoted much of her time and energy to the work of her husband.

Henrietta died on April 3, 1906, and is buried in Joyner Cemetery.  Isaac is buried at Joyner cemetery beside Henrietta.

(adapted from Leland Lewis, c 1982)

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