15g.1 Beulah Marguerite Lewis DeVard (Aunt Bea)

Beulah was the only child of Oliver Lewis and Anna Jones Lewis to live past infancy.  She was born 9/30/1898,  and married Carl DeVard who predeceased her.  Aunt Bea lived over 100 years.

Beulah as a baby in Phoenix, AZ, where her mother was being treated for cancer.

Beaulah in Phoenix AZ

Beulah as a girl.


Beaulah as a young woman.

Beaulah young woman

Aunt Bea later in life

Beulah Lewis DeVard

Beulah and Carl had a daughter who is still living, and a son Carl John, Jr (CJ).  CJ was born in Oak Park, IL on May 2, 1935,  passed away 2/28/2009, and will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

CJ in Air Force Reserves

CJ in Air Force Reserve

Carl John DeVard Jr, grandson Donovan DeVard, son Sterling DeVard

Three Generations Carl Donavan and Sterling

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