Claude Montjoy Knives For Sale

The late Claude Montjoy , often referred to as the “Dean of South Carolina Knifemakers” was a quiet man who was a prolific knifemaker in his later life. Claude’s son told me Claude had injured his hand in an industrial accident, and used that hand to his advantage when grinding knives. Several people have shared stories about him, and he was a very talented man. He even made most of the equipment used to craft his knives. In addition to knifemaking, he restored antique cars, enjoyed hot rods, and even built an airplane from scratch.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in his work is simply amazing. His son said the Claude had very high standards, and he scrapped any knife that did not meet his critical judgement. No “seconds” left his shop.

I have been fortunate to acquire two estate collections of Claude’s knives, and some individual pieces along the way. I have greatly enjoyed admiring these knives, and now it is time to pass some of them along to people who would appreciate them. I am not a dealer and not in a hurry, so am not putting them on an auction site or trying to make a profit.

I have many folding and fixed-blade knives.  Handles vary from Mother of Pearl to stag horn to jade to ivory.  I even have a damascus fixed-blade and a damascus folder.  One folder and three hunters are engraved.  If you are looking for a Montjoy knife and want to avoid the eBay fees, contact me.

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