Monthly Archives: April 2009

Book In Progress

I am working on a book about my Lewis family history, and have posted the draft chapters on this web site’s Genealogy section under Lewis.

One new item is sharing family member photos.  It is purely voluntary, and gives us the chance to stay a bit more in touch.  If you would like to have a photo posted, or get in touch with someone who has posted a photo, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to assist.

Enjoy the reading, and let me know if you have any input.

18 Deer In The Yard

Yesterday around 3 pm three deer came out of the woods into our back yard to eat.  With the arrival of Spring and snow melt, the deer are really enjoying the grass salad.  After the first group of three came out, another two joined.  Small family group after group came out to eat, until we finally had 18 deer in the yard.  What a sight to see!  Eventually they all turned tails up and ran quickly back into the woods, and then a man appeared in the lane walking his german shepherd.  Nothing scares deer like the sight of a wolf (or near wolf in this case).

Later we had eight deer in the front year eating.  They came and went peacefully, as there was no threat to them this time.

I really enjoy watching these graceful creatures go about their daily lives.  With the longer days and fresh food, the unborn fawns are growing rapidly now.  In another six weeks the pregnant does will push away their young from last year, and stake out an area for the new fawns to be born.  By late June we should be seeing the fawns in the lawn following mother around.

What Can I Say?

What can I say –  my 15 year old Web 1.0 site has been completely redone in wordpress, with a special theme  thanks to our generous and special friends Mark and Becky Rabideau.  I get to learn a whole new technology, blog, share photos, dreams and realities.  This certainly is a Brave New World.

Hello Mark & Ann!

Becky and I hope you enjoy this website “gift”.

Hopefully this ‘new’ site will make it easy for  you to keep in touch with your family and friends across the globe.

When you are ready to learn how to use the site… add photos, write BLOGs, build new web pages, just give a call and I will ‘show you the ropes’.

All the best,

…mark & Becky

We are Green!

HostPapaWe are pleased to announce that as of today, our website is “Green”. We have just moved to a new host that certifies a net zero carbon footprint. We know this is not a huge contribution, but every little bit helps.

To learn more about this please visit the We Are Green page.