Fishing in Alaska

I have many happy memories of fishing as a boy, and like to to this day. My grandfather, Ashby Fitz Randolph, loved to fish. He took us to Buffalo Lake outside Clarksburg, WV. We mostly caught sunfish, and one day I caught a beautiful 19 3/4″ channel catfish there. What a thrill it was for a young man to catch such a fish!

I fished in farm ponds around Almond, NY, as well as the Canacadea Creek (before the flood of ’72) and Fosters Lake.

Now I enjoy a 1/2 acre pond stocked with bluegills, crappie, bass, catfish and perch.

Highlights of my fishing life have included two fishing trips with the help of Larry and Ethyl Schoenborn of Fishing With Larry. The first trip was in 1998 to Whalers’ Cove Lodge in Angoon, Alaska on Admiralty Island. It was a week-long trip of King Salmon, Silver Salmon and Halibut fishing. A hilight was canoeing into the interior of the island and stream fishing for silvers on light spinning outfits. The eagles and bear were majestic.

The second adventure with Larry and Ethel was in 2002 to Komaham Lodge on the Skeena River in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada (You Bet’cha!). My mother, her husband, sister, brother-in-law and brother joined the adventure. We fished various rivers and saw scenery that was breathtaking. We used jet boats as well as drift boats. Some guests took a helicopter to some of the best steelhead rivers in the world. One day I went ocean fishing for silvers and halibut. What an adventure!

My hope is to go to Alaska again, this time to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge on Kodiak Island. Larry says it is the best saltwater King Salmon fishing in Alaska.

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