Jonathan and David Fitz Randolph

Jonathan Fitz Randolph was born Jan 12 1692/3 in Piscataway, New Jersey and died there in 1793.  In 1715 he married Mary Bonham who was born Oct 4, 1691 in Piscataway, New Jersey.  Mary was the daughter of Hezekiah and Mary (Dunn) Bonham.  Mary Bonham is recognized by the Mayflower Society as a descendent of Edward Fuller of the Mayflower, thus making descendents of Jonathan and Mary Fitz Randolph eligible to become members of the Mayflower Society.

Jonathan and Mary had eleven children, all born in Piscataway, NJ:

1.          Abel Fitz Randolph, born Sept 1, 1716, no further information

2.          Malachi Fitz Randolph, born April 5, 1718, married cousin Sarah Bonham in 1746

3.          Keziah Fitz Randolph, born June 18, 1720, married Jonathan Dunham in 1752

4.          Jonathan Fitz Randolph, born Oct 22, 1722, no further information

5.          Lawrence Fitz Randolph, born June 3, 1725, no further information

6.          Hugh Fitz Randolph, born June 22, 1727, no further information

7.          Martha Fitz Randolph, born May 25, 1729, no further information

8.          Elizabeth Fitz Randolph, born Nov 18, 1731, no further information

9.          Samuel Fitz Randolph, born October 1738, married cousin Margaret Fitz Randolph in 1761

10.      Phineas Fitz Randolph, born ~ 1742, married Rebecca Dunn 1763

11.      Susanna Fitz Randolph, birth date unknown, mentioned in will as widow of Patrick Boyle

Samuel, #9, was my ancestor.

David Fitz Randolph was born Jan 1, 1690/1 in Piscataway, New Jersey and died there in 1773.  In 1712 he married Sarah Molleson, born August 22, 1695 to John and Sarah (Howell) Molleson.

They had ten children, all born in Piscataway:

1.          James Fitz Randolph, born March 8, 1713 and first married to an Ayres

2.          Anna Fitz Randolph, born Aug 28, 1714, married John Smalley

3.          Molleson Fitz Randolph, born Jan 10, 1616/7, married Hannah Smalley in 1738

4.          Bathseba Fitz Randolph, born Dec 17, 1718, married Elijah Pound

5.          Reuben Fitz Randolph, born ~ 1720, married woman named Rosannah ~ 1750

6.          Barzilla Fitz Randolph, died young

7.          Thomas Fitz Randolph, no further information

8.          Margaret Fitz Randolph, born Nov 1730, married cousin Samuel Fitz Randolph in 1761

9.          David Fitz Randolph, born ~ 1730, no further information

10.      Elizabeth Fitz Randolph, birth date unknown, married Peter Wooden

Margaret was also my ancestor

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