Fitz Randolph Family (my Mother’s maiden name)

Fitz Randolph


Fitz Randolph is my mother’s maiden name. She grew up outside Salem, West Virginia, a town that was built on land purchased by her Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandfather, Samuel Fitz Randolph. She graduated from Salem College, where she met my father, Harry Lewis, when they were both students.


I have not done original research on this genealogy, and am indebted to past researchers including:


Oris H. F. Randolph, who compiled the book Edward Fitz Randolph Branch Lines Allied Families and English and Norman Ancestry, A Family Genealogy 860 – 1976, copyright 1976, Library of Congress number 76-50733


Louise Aymar Christian and Howard Stelle Fitz Randolph who wrote Fitz Randolph Genealogy in 1950 and Supplement in 1955.

Planned enhancements are the addition of images of individuals as well as locations related to the family.

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