Lewis Family Crest Is Ready

Mat Woodworth (boldlinedesign@gmail.com), a most talented commercial artist, drew our Lewis family crest, and Monica and Ray Sommerville of  Sommerville Pottery in Pulteney, NY are making pottery including handmade mugs, trivets, cheese boards and other ceramic items.  Click on “Lewis Family” to get to more photos and pricing information.

We are one of many Lewis families from Wales.  Our crest was borne by Rhys Goch ca 1070.  Rhys was a local tribal chieftain from the area near present-day Abergavenny, Wales.  The crest is a Welsh dragon with a bloody severed left hand in it’s mouth.  No one knows the exact story of the dragon with the bloody hand.  There is a woodcarving of the crest in black oak over the fireplace of the dining room at Gregygnog, a manor that is now a residential educational center of the University of Wales Institute of Rural Health.  It is #10 at this web page Blayney Room Lewis Crest