At my urging, my Father started writing his autobiography in 1950. He was in his seventy-eighth year. Brother Ashby and his wife Ruth, set down their LIFE MEMORIES in the years 1981-1984.

In November of 1992 I published a book–covering the first twelve years of my life–titled, MY CHILDHOOD REMEMBERED.

Now, in my eightieth year, I offer a second biographical effort covering my teen years through experiences as a Boy Scout Executive in Maine in 1944. We’ll title it, YEARS REMEMBERED: TEEN YEARS, EDUCATON, MARRIAGE, EARLY CAREER.

This presentation is mainly in the interest of sharing my life story with family members and close friends. Though many of you have heard much of what I have written, perhaps the retelling will refresh your memories through the years. It may even be that grandchildren in some distant future may be entertained and enlightened by reading these pages.

I confess to having thoroughly enjoyed stirring my mind to call up significant memories from yesteryears. Too often I have failed to remember names of individuals important in my life. I am grateful that so many memories and experiences came into focus as I wrote.

Teachers of writing strongly suggest that for good results, rewriting of copy is essential. I have not followed that advise but have concentrated on making the first draft acceptable in content and clarity. Toward this end, the computer is a marvelous instrument.

Because my dear wife, Madeline has proof read every page of this material as it came from the computer, I offer this book nearly free of typo glitches. My appreciation of Madeline reaches far above and beyond her efforts here.

If your acquaintance with the offerings in this book are in any way rewarding for you, then I find complete happiness in bringing them to you.

Elmo Fitz Randolph
Trail’s End
Boulder, Colorado
March 22, 1994

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