Thomas Fitz Randolph

Thomas Fitz Randolph was born August 16, 1659 in Barnstable, Massachussets and died in 1745 in Piscataway, New Jersey.  On Nov 23, 1686 he married Elizabeth Manning who was born ~ 1669 to Jeffrey and Hepzibah (Andrews) Manning and died March 1, 1732 in Piscataway and was buried at St James.

Thomas was a weaver, deputy to the General Assembly 1693-94, member of the Seventh Day Baptist Church, and was patented 90 acres of land in Piscataway, NJ.

Thomas and Elizabeth had seven children:

1.          Thomas Fitz Randolph, born July 20, 1687, married woman named Margaret, no further information

2.          Elizabeth Fitz Randolph, born 1689, died 1732 of smallpox

3.          David Fitz Randolph, born Jan 1, 1690, married in 1712 to Sarah Molleson

4.          Jonathan Fitz Randolph, born Jan 12 1692/3, married Mary Bonham in 1715

5.          Bathseba Fitz Randolph, born Sept 24, 1695, no further information

6.          Dinah Fitz Randolph, born July 10, 1700, married Edmund Dunham in 1717

7.          Luranah Fitz Randolph, born Feb 19, 1703/4, married a Whitehead, no further information

I am descended from a son of their fourth child, Jonathan, who married a daughter of their third child, David.

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