Chapter 16a – “Pope County” Robert Lewis

April 26, 2009 - 1,373 views

Robert (called “Pope County Robert” to distinguish him from his Uncle Robert) and his wife Laura Tramwell had 9 children, all of whom remained in the vicinity.  They were:

  • Amanda Lewis, married Bob Barker, had 8 children
  • Ella Lewis, married Walter McCormick, had 5 children
  • Lulu Lewis, married William Miller, had 3 children
  • Will Lewis, married Emma Harper, had 8 children
  • Clyde Lewis, never married
  • Bertha Lewis, married George Whobrey, had 5 children
  • Chloe Lewis, married Louis Stapleton, had 15 children
  • Tessie Lewis, married Oscer Richerson, had 2 children